anniversary roseCongratulations on your wedding anniversary. Whether it is your first, fifth or fiftieth anniversary you will want to celebrate your commitment to each other, look back at what you have achieved to date and to look forward to many more years of married life together.

Never forget to give a gift to your love mate – from the first anniversary to the last one! Not for the value of it but for the memory! I can help you – these 4 years anniversary gifts ideas
are good! Your wedding anniversary is a great time to consider the years ahead and how you can maintain or improve your health to be in the best shape for your partner. To ensure you have many more years together, here are some ideas for a healthy wedding anniversary celebration:

Keep fit and sexy

You may once have played in a sports team. Or perhaps you’ve wanted to learn to ball-room or salsa, but “never got around to it”. This is your day to try a new hobby together or restart an old activity. Book a court to play tennis again or take a dance class together and have some fun.

For something more adventurous, go paint-balling or go-kart driving or book a ski holiday to mark your anniversary. Small changes make a big difference, so even if you just decide to go for a brisk walk together a couple of times a week you’ll enjoy watching the seasons change and have time to be close to each other to remember old times and to plan new memories. It’s a side-effect that you’ll feel healthier.

Healthy food

Healthy (And Tasty!) Pancakes by katieaustin
A candle-lit dinner is a romantic way to mark the date of your wedding anniversary. Consider creating your own romantic meal at home. All you need is real food, not heavily processed junk. It’ll be fun learning new cooking skills together. One of you can do the main course and the other a dessert… which may end up in the bedroom! Small changes make big differences. You’ll come to a point when you know that nothing tastes as good as looking good feels. And that’s sexy.

By eating healthier you’ll be around longer for your partner and your family. That doesn’t mean you can’t have an ice cream or a slice of pizza ever again, but eating less junk food most of the time will create a new, healthier you. A gift to yourself and your beloved.

A gift of gratitude

Intimancy, romance and appreciation are keys to a healthy marriage. Take time to be with your beloved where you don’t talk about bills, the children or issues at work. Show your love with gifts to show that you are grateful to have your partner in your life. Gifts that support their hobbies or timeless jewellery are treasured gifts and shows your darling just how much you love them.
Have a happy, healthy wedding anniversary!

Ideas For Healthy Wedding Anniversary